Retired Police Dog Quincy

Posted on 23rd March, 2014


My name is Quincy and I have been retired from the Essex Police Dog Section for two years.
I was first introduced to my handler in January 2006. I was handed over by my previous owners at a service station in Essex and spent my first two days at the dog sections kennels and meeting the lovely kennel staff.   My name was Prince but there was another dog on the course with the same name and so my handler and the course instructor came up with Quincy.  A first for Essex Police I understand.
I am not sure of my real age but I guess I was about one year old and I had recently been castrated and I was embarrassed that my hair had not grown back. Come to think of it I always have had a dislike for the vets. 
I loved my handler instantly as all she wanted to do was play.  What a great life.   After everything she asked me to do we had game time.   By March we had completed our course and were now officially “Licensed to bite” as I like to call it.   I loved going to work and soon learnt that the Police Dog van would always take me to more fun.
I used to tease the people who thought I looked cuddly like a teddy bear.   I let them look but if they got too close I would launch myself towards them and bark.   My handler always stopped me though and I use to enjoy it when they jumped backwards.
In the August of 2006 I was involved in what was later called ‘The Great Chesterford Riot’.   This is when I really discovered how cruel people can be. My handler and I were pelted with all sorts of objects from small gas canisters, crop from the fields and fence posts.   One person tried to get his dog to fight me.   I felt sorry for the dog, he was more scared than I was.   I am still on alert when anyone walks their dog near me. 
In 2008 I took part, for the first time, in the Essex Police Dog Section Force trials.  This is where each dog and handler are tested on all their skills and points awarded.    If you achieved a certain percentage you were awarded a certificate of merit. There were three standards, Good, Very Good and Excellent.   I had a great time and at the end of the three days I awarded a Very Good Certificate. Then a bonus, we came third overall and had qualified for the Eastern Regional Police Dog Trials in March 2009.
In the March I competed against 12 dogs from across the Eastern region.   It was an eye opener and an experience I will remember with fond memories. 
During my six years with Essex Police I helped my handler catch a number of people who had ran off from Police.  Tracking was not my strong point but I still got some results.   I particularly liked searching buildings and open areas.  It was just a shame my handler had to challenge, warning them first, as most gave up.   I also found a lot of property; one of the best results was in the early hours.   An officer had approached a car and the occupant threw something out onto the grass in front.  When I arrived a number of officers had given up looking and watched me as I started to search.  The face the driver pulled when I indicated to my handler to what he had thrown was a picture I will never forget. Another one to me and zero to the bad guys.
In the last couple of years of my service I had to share the lime light with the now retired Police Dog Ralph.  RPD Ralph is a Springer Spaniel and was trained to find drugs, cash and weapons recovery. The stories he used to tell me!!
When I retired in February 2012 I was fortunate to be kept by my handler.  I found it hard to hand over the reins to my replacement Police Dog Frankie. She protects my handler now and I get to hear all about her fun!   I have now had the chance to see the world outside of Essex and have been taken on lots of days out and holidays.   When staying anywhere overnight I do still have to search each room of the building just to make sure that no one is hiding . Old habits!
I am now enjoying a second career as a muse . My owners love to take photographs and I have been fortunate to have been chosen for the front cover picture on the Essex Retired Police Dog Fund 2014 Calendar.           
My owner has not had to call on the services of the ERPDF to date but I am reassured that the help is there for them, to help me, if needed.
Retired Police Dog Quincy.

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