Retired Police Dog TAZ

Posted on 1st January, 2014


My name is Elaine. RPD Taz was two and half when he was given to me. I had worked two police dogs before. Taz was my third.
The first thing that struck me was how big and handsome he was. A classic black and tan shepherd. He was very bright and bubbly, happy to play and we bonded very quickly.We had our 3 month training course late 2005 which he sailed through. We hit the streets of Essex just before Christmas. I never felt Taz would let me down, he focused and worked every time I asked him to.  
He found burglars and all kinds of fleeing suspects. He also found vulnerable people. For example a woman who had doused herself in fuel and walked into a country park at night. He tracked to where she was and we found her with matches in her hand, so we could ensure she was given the help she needed.   On another occasion, a young woman who was very ill with cancer, ran away from ambulance staff. Taz found her hiding in a garden.  
Taz has appeared on the Interceptors TV programme, and on the news when the public met him at the police museum open day. He attended many schools, helped train probationer police officers and gave a small demonstration and personal time to a severely autistic child who didn’t speak, but drew a picture of Taz. He has always enjoyed these events and loves the fuss. He has also guarded AIR FORCE 1, the plane used by the American President.
Taz retired in July 2011 aged 8 years. Having been a dog handler for almost 9 years I decided to move on to work in another area of the Police and kept him. Taz needed treatment for an infected prostate. The treatment hasn’t worked so in March 2012 he had a castration in the hope this will calm his testosterone level and stop the infection. If this doesn’t work he will require a scan. His treatment has been expensive.  
Shortly after he retired he began to pass blood. I did not get him insured, he had always been fit and it wasn’t easy to find a company who would cover him straight away, aged 8 and an ex police dog.       

Taz has given me and the people of Essex so much and in the 6 years he patrolled he touched many lives. The least I can do is make sure he has the longest happiest and loved retirement I can give him.       

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It has recently come to my attention about the sad loss of PD Taz. Heart felt condolences to his dedicated handler Elaine Michaels. Thank you Elaine for your dedication to Taz both during his operational and retirement years and a thank you to all envolved with the management ERPDF and all that raise funds and make donations to ensure that these magnifent working dogs can remain with their devoted handlers at the end of their working days and ensuring that necessary veterinary treatment is available to those in need. Kathy (Taz's Breeder) RIP Taz....