Retired Police Dogs JO and MAX

Posted on 1st January, 2014


Andy writes: "I had RPD Jo (now deceased) from a puppy in 1994 and passed out with her in 1995. She worked until 2002/3 and I had her as a pet until mid 2006 when she died. Unfortunately she suffered from pancreatitis which was instrumental in her having a stomach torsion whilst still working."  

"Jo needed medication for the pancreatitis throughout her life which cost about £45 per month. On top of this she needed steroid drops for an eye condition that cost £5 to £6 per month. She therefore cost me about £50 per month for the 4 years I had her as a pet. This was in addition to the normal costs of food, vet visits and booster costs."

RPD Max (deceased)    "I re handled Max in 2003 and worked him until my retirement in 2009"    

The main medical issue with him was eczema for which he had a continuous low dose steroid costing about £15 per month.

"He  had Cosequin (glucosomine) every day at a cost of £50 for 120 capsules. I would estimate the cost of feeding him to be about £30 per month."       "I would say the main problem in having a retired GP dog is someone to look after them whilst you go away."

Sadly RPD Max is no longer with us.   


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