Special Fund Raising Appeal


Retired Police Dog Jonno

Retired Metropolitan Police Dog JONNO

served faithfully as an Explosives Search Dog – his last duties included searching Olympic sites and G20 Summit.

Jonno was retired early with an existing condition of arthritis and he was re-homed to his new family (members of the public) who offered him a safe and secure future. 

Since 2013 Jonno’s family have met all his

needs including extensive vet fees. 

Jonno after his surgery on 7th August 2019

This week Jonno required further surgery and his family

approached Essex Retired Police Dogs Fund for help

(whilst the Met establish a charity to support their RPDs).


We are honoured to help Jonno, a faithful and

loyal dog who worked to keep us all safe.  

Please help us to support Jonno and ensure he

has the vet treatment and care he deserves.


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LB      £1.00

RC      £3.00

TR      £5.00

KG      £5.00

AP    £10.00

  L.GSDH    £10.00

            JG     £5.00

           SR      £5.00

           AB    £15.00

          SW    £10.00

           SB      £2.00

           SH    £10.00

            JT    £30.00

           SC    £10.00

           JC     £10.00

          DM       £5.00

          NG     £25.00

          MM      £5.00

           KC    £10.00

           JB       £2.00

           CB    £10.00

           DB    £10.00

          VW    £10.00

          MN      £5.00

           SB     £10.00

          MH     £20.00


       Total    £244.00




RPD  Jonno