How We Use Your Donation


All monies received via donations and fundraising events go towards the vet & welfare costs of

Retired Police Dogs (RPDs).


If we run a Special Appeal for a particular RPD then all the monies raised by that appeal go to that dog.  We only award money to reimburse the payments made by owners for vet treatments and/or for welfare items - this is done on completion of an Application for Funding Form accompanied by receipts as proof of payments made. 

Should all the monies raised in a special appeal not be required immediately we will hold these funds in readiness for future claims relating to that RPD. 

Upon the death of the specific RPD the monies will go into the main fund and be available for all RPDs.



How do we pay the running costs of the fund?


We regularly apply for specific grants & sponsorship to cover our running costs and for promotional material.



What type of things are included in our running costs?


Fee for our Public Liability Insurance

Fees for website host.

Fees for printing - information leaflets etc.

Fees for paper, print cartridges, envelopes & postage for correspondence.

Fees to book places at large events.

Fees for event shelter, tables, promotional signage, promotional materials, collection pots/buckets etc.


We do not own or rent any premises.


All involved with ERPDF - Committee Members (Trustees) and Volunteers are unpaid.


Updated March 2019

Registered Charity No. 1158745