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Retired Police Dog Dino

October 2019

Dino, a German Shepherd, served from

December 2010 to June 2017 as

a General Purpose Dog.

Dino Loved to work.

He especially loved to bite - he didn't mind

if they were criminals or police officers!

Dino retired to live with his handler

& family where he is now

a big softy who loves his cuddly toys.




Retired Police Dog Wilson

September 2019

Wilson served from Dec 2011 to Sept 2017.

A General Purpose, Tactical Firearms,

Tag & Drag Dog.

A Gentle Giant at 51gs - he was

a formidable police dog.

Wilson survived two gastric torsions.

He achieved 200 arrests and had 27 bites;

the most in Essex Police history.

Wilson will always be remembered.





Retired Police Dog Casper

August 2019

Casper, a Springer Spaniel, served from

Sept 2001 to Nov 2007 as a Drugs Search Dog.

He had numerous arrests.

Casper was re-homed on retirement.

He moved with his family to Australia

and then back again to the UK.

Casper was known as Cooper Coo &

he brought joy & love to his family.

Casper will always be fondly remembered.





Retired Police Dog Argon

July 2019

Argon, a German Shepherd, served

from September 2010 to September 2016.

A Tactical Firearms Dog working in

Chigwell, Braintree & Chelmsford.

He detained numerous suspects.

  Argon has a passion for footballs and toys -

he will carry them around the garden for hours.  Argon was re-homed on retirement

and is a much loved family dog.


Sadly Argon passed away on

4th May 2019 in the arms of his family,

Argon was a superb Police Dog and

a much loved family member.

RIP Police Dog ARGON




Retired Police Dog Rocky

June 2019

Rocky is a German Shepherd, aged 11yrs young.

  He served as a General Purpose Dog

from 2008 to 2014.

He had a very successful career detaining

many suspects, finding stolen property

and the location of a missing person.

Rocky remained with his hander and

is a much loved family dog.

Rocky is a great supporter of ERPDF.




Retired Police Dog Cesar

May 2019

Cesar served from April 2012 to September 2017

as a General Purpose, Tactical Firearms Dog.

Born in 2010. Cesar is an affectionate, loyal dog.

He achieved great success in Dog Trials.

He was responsible for 76 arrests,

12 bites & even put 3 armed police officers

in hospital during training - over excited!

Now lives with his best pal RPD Scout.





Retired Police Dog Shifty

April 2019

Shifty, English Springer, served

June 2009 to April 2018 as a

Drugs, Cash & Weapons Recovery Dog.

  Shifty located £15k (not his largest find)

in cash in envelopes with crucial evidence

that convicted a banker in a £16 million

money laundering operation.

Shifty was re-homed on retirement.

  He loves his tennis ball, food, swimming

& life in general.





Retired Police Dog Tia

March 2019

Tia served as a General Purpose Dog

from September 2015 to January 2018.

  She was highly driven with

excellent searching skills.

  A loving dog at home yet fearless in the job

- Tia protected her handler from serious

assault by fighting back against a

suspect who rained punches on her;

she refused to let go until backup arrived.

Tia was re-homed to her puppy walkers.





Retired Police Dog Bruno

February 2019

Bruno, a Springer Spaniel, served

from Feb 2007 to March 2017 - a Drugs,

Cash & Weapons Recovery Dog.

  Bruno became known as a 'Lucky Charm'

by the proactive drugs team based at Harlow

- at every job Bruno got a positive result.

  Bruno is a true gentleman of the dog world.

  Bruno was re-homed on retirement

& is much loved by all.




Retired Police Dog Louis

January 2019

In 2003 Louis was found abandoned

and tied to a tree.

Essex Police trained him and

he served from 2003 to 2009.

Louis had a very successful career &

was well known for his on guard attitutde.

Louis was re-homed on retirement

and is a much loved family dog.

Louis is approx 15 yrs old.


[Louis passed away 24 February 2018

he was 16yrs old - his family are heartbroken]