Calendar Dogs





Retired Police Dog SHADOW

June 2020

Shadow served from 2008 to 2014.

A General Purpose, Tactical Firearms Dog.

He won the Police Dog Trials in 2009.

He has lived all his life with his handler and family.  He loves visiting the beach.

Shadow is now 13 yrs young - he still

enjoys a game when he is in the right mood!


[Sadly Shadow passed away on 17th Sept 2019

"he had been my best friend all through his life,

had saved me on many occasions, as well as saving many others. We have loved and

treasured every moment with him.

Greatly missed, loved and never forgotten.

RIP Police Dog Shadow]




Retired Police Dog RALPH

May 2020

Ralph a Springer Spaniel, served

from 2010 to 2013 as a Drug,

Cash & Weapon Recovery Dog.

He was re-homed to the

parents of his handler.

Ralph had successful cruciate ligament

surgery and now keeps fit by

attending Agility and Tricks Class.

Ralph is a keen ambassador for ERPDF.




Retired Police Dog CITO

April 2020

Cito served from December 2008 to August 2014.  He was a Tactical Firearms Dog and won the

Essex Police Dog Trials searching trophy twice.

  Cito is 12 years old and loves laying on

the rug by the fire, especially after a good swim.


[Sadly RPD Cito passed away in the

arms of his best pal and handler

Jo Chester on 16th October 2019

Thank You for your Loyal Service

Police Dog Cito.]




Retired Police Dog SCOUT

March 2020

Scout served from 2010 to 2015

as an Explosives Search Dog.

  In 2012 he searched Olympic Venues.

  Scout was re-homed on retirement

and has welcomed RPD Cesar as

his new best pal to the family.

  Scout is a great supporter of ERPDF

and regularly appears as a Start Guest.




Retired Police Dog BRUNO

February 2020

Bruno served from

January 2012 to October 2018

as a General Purpose Dog.

Bruno had a high number of result

throughout his career, catching lots of baddies.  Bruno is a happy playful dog, who retired

with his handler and family to Dorset,

where he's loving life to the full.



Retired Police Dog MONTY

January 2020

Monty is 10 yrs old. He served 2011 to 2016.

He lives with his former handler,

family, 3 cats & 1 tortoise.

He loves long walks & standing in

ditches or lakes - " 'he won't go near water'

I was told when I first took him for a walk...

after standing in a lake for 15 mins

I had to call for backup! "




Retired Police Dog STUDSY

December 2019

Studsy, A German Shepherd,

served from 2011 to 2016 as a

General Purpose, Tactical Firearms Dog.

In 2016 he & his handler were awarded a

Chief Constable's Commendation -

Studs tracked and detained a

suicidal male, saving the man's life.

Studs loves spending his retirement swimming

& playing tug-o-war which he always wins!





Retired Police Dog SAXON

November 2019

Saxon served from 2011 to 2016.

  He was a General Purpose,

Tactical Firearms Dog.

Saxon will be 9 yrs old in May 2019 -

he loves his walks and finding sticks

- the bigger the better!

Saxon retired with his handler and is a

much loved member of the family.






Retired Police Dog Dino

October 2019

Dino, a German Shepherd, served from

December 2010 to June 2017 as

a General Purpose Dog.

Dino Loved to work.

He especially loved to bite - he didn't mind

if they were criminals or police officers!

Dino retired to live with his handler

& family where he is now

a big softy who loves his cuddly toys.




Retired Police Dog Wilson

September 2019

Wilson served from Dec 2011 to Sept 2017.

A General Purpose, Tactical Firearms,

Tag & Drag Dog.

A Gentle Giant at 51gs - he was

a formidable police dog.

Wilson survived two gastric torsions.

He achieved 200 arrests and had 27 bites;

the most in Essex Police history.

Wilson will always be remembered.





Retired Police Dog Casper

August 2019

Casper, a Springer Spaniel, served from

Sept 2001 to Nov 2007 as a Drugs Search Dog.

He had numerous arrests.

Casper was re-homed on retirement.

He moved with his family to Australia

and then back again to the UK.

Casper was known as Cooper Coo &

he brought joy & love to his family.

Casper will always be fondly remembered.






Retired Police Dog Argon

July 2019

Argon, a German Shepherd, served

from September 2010 to September 2016.

A Tactical Firearms Dog working in

Chigwell, Braintree & Chelmsford.

He detained numerous suspects.

  Argon has a passion for footballs and toys -

he will carry them around the garden for hours.  Argon was re-homed on retirement

and is a much loved family dog.


Sadly Argon passed away on

4th May 2019 in the arms of his family,

Argon was a superb Police Dog and

a much loved family member.

RIP Police Dog ARGON




Retired Police Dog Rocky

June 2019

Rocky is a German Shepherd, aged 11yrs young.

  He served as a General Purpose Dog

from 2008 to 2014.

He had a very successful career detaining

many suspects, finding stolen property

and the location of a missing person.

Rocky remained with his hander and

is a much loved family dog.

Rocky is a great supporter of ERPDF.




Retired Police Dog Cesar

May 2019

Cesar served from April 2012 to September 2017

as a General Purpose, Tactical Firearms Dog.

Born in 2010. Cesar is an affectionate, loyal dog.

He achieved great success in Dog Trials.

He was responsible for 76 arrests,

12 bites & even put 3 armed police officers

in hospital during training - over excited!

Now lives with his best pal RPD Scout.





Retired Police Dog Shifty

April 2019

Shifty, English Springer, served

June 2009 to April 2018 as a

Drugs, Cash & Weapons Recovery Dog.

  Shifty located £15k (not his largest find)

in cash in envelopes with crucial evidence

that convicted a banker in a £16 million

money laundering operation.

Shifty was re-homed on retirement.

  He loves his tennis ball, food, swimming

& life in general.





Retired Police Dog Tia

March 2019

Tia served as a General Purpose Dog

from September 2015 to January 2018.

  She was highly driven with

excellent searching skills.

  A loving dog at home yet fearless in the job

- Tia protected her handler from serious

assault by fighting back against a

suspect who rained punches on her;

she refused to let go until backup arrived.

Tia was re-homed to her puppy walkers.





Retired Police Dog Bruno

February 2019

Bruno, a Springer Spaniel, served

from Feb 2007 to March 2017 - a Drugs,

Cash & Weapons Recovery Dog.

  Bruno became known as a 'Lucky Charm'

by the proactive drugs team based at Harlow

- at every job Bruno got a positive result.

  Bruno is a true gentleman of the dog world.

  Bruno was re-homed on retirement

& is much loved by all.




Retired Police Dog Louis

January 2019

In 2003 Louis was found abandoned

and tied to a tree.

Essex Police trained him and

he served from 2003 to 2009.

Louis had a very successful career &

was well known for his on guard attitutde.

Louis was re-homed on retirement

and is a much loved family dog.

Louis is approx 15 yrs old.


[Louis passed away 24 February 2018

he was 16yrs old - his family are heartbroken]